Challenge Theories
Ships: Primarily Danny/Sam
Warnings: some violence
Summary: My take on the 100 Drabble Challenge as issued on deviantART. Written, obviously. Romance, angst, drama, tragedy, and sneak peaks at various ideas sitting on my hard drive. Challenged by Me The Anon One.
Basically 100 one-shots based on the 100 themes challenge, and Chaos does a wonderful job. Some are connected to tell a story, while others are stand alone, superbly written works. If you have the time, I highly suggest this collection.
Ships: Danny/Sam
Summary:AU. Sam's attention is captured by a lonely ghost haunting her grandmother's attic...and discovering his secrets will take everything she has.
One of the first fanfics I've ever read, and the one that convinced me to start writing, this is a nostalgic gem, and I hope you find it worth reading as well.